hotel barge holidays in france

life on board hotel barges

hotel barge holidays in france

inside Belmond Afloat luxury barge Pivoine

luxury cruises on French canals

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life on board hotel barges

Welcome on board our luxury hotel-barge cruises for discerning clientele in search of an enchanting, leisurely and unique experience.

what's so special about barging?

  • very relaxing holiday

    Unwind and take a leisurely luxury hotel barge and meander the inland waterways of France. See life pass you by on canals and rivers. Life will unfold before you whilst you relax on the deck and enjoy gourmet cuisine, fine wines and the company of like-minded passengers. The pace on hotel barge is far more relaxing than on any large ship. The small size of hotel barges will allow you to enter small rivers and discover more of the French countryside.

  • Ambience is unique

    The ambience on board is unique with dedicated crew for only a few guests. Captain, Chef, hostess, deck hand, all of them will look after your comfort and deliver professional but very personal and warm service as soon as you step on board. You will appreciate the cozy and sometimes elegant atmosphere on board and feel very quickly at home.

  • Comfort

    Whichever hotel barge you choose to cruise on, you'll be welcome in a nicely decorated lounge and accommodated comfortably in spacious cabins with private en-suite. Saloon and cabins are air-conditioned. Because all hotel-barges are designed individually, size and decoration of cabins will vary from one boat to the next. Most barges will offer inviting terrace with outdoor furniture and often a spa.

  • service

    On any hotel-barge, there are 3 to 6 crew to to cater to your every need. The captain will skilfully pilot the barge through smallest lock and frightful lowest of bridges. Your personal Chef will prepare local fresh meals daily, always prepared to share some of his culinary secrets with gourmet passengers. The hostess, who is also the housekeeper, will serve the meals and wines but also refreshments upon requests. The deck-hand works away behind the scene, keeping the ship clean and tidy.

  • food & wine

    You are in France! Food & Wine are major components of our luxury cruises. Freshly baked bread and buttery croissants are served for breakfast. Lunch made of salads, quiches and "escargots" is served with a selection of cheeses indoor or on the terrace, perhaps while cruising. The Elegant & gourmet dinner served every evening is the culinary highlight of each day. You will sample several different wines during your cruise. The hostess will take the time to present them in details before filling your glass.

  • we pilot the boat
    you do the rest!


    Every hotel barge cruise includes daily excursions to chateaux, old villages, local markets and wine cellars. The air-conditioned minibus will carry passengers in comfort to their destination. Some visits will be to famous places such as the medieval city of Carcassonne whilst others will take you off the beaten track to discover interesting people and hidden places. Excursions have something for everyone: cultural experiences, historical sites, film locations, castles, vineyards, cheese maker, and time for shopping! .

    self-catering & short cruises

    A few boats offer short cruises (3 to 5 days) and some accept that guests use onboard kitchen facilities themselves - self catering cruises. Both formulas allow visitors with limited budget to experiment canal cruises in France. Aslaug - Clair de Lune - Hirondelle - Johanna - Mirage - Papillon - Randle - Saraphina - Savannah - Wine & Water.

    offers & discounts

    We have discounts for solo travellers, families and early bookings.
    Check our "specials offers".

where to cruise?

In France, several regions can be discovered from the deck of one of our luxury barges. The most famous cruising areas in France are Burgundy and the Canal du Midi whilst Alsace and Champagne offer very scenic cruises. Less known but equally delightful experiences on hotel barges are available on the river Cher in the Loire Valley or you could enjoy barging on rural canals in Brittany.

how much?

There are barges for all budgets: Deluxe barges from 2000 to 6000 Euros per person. A deposit of 30% is required to book and the balance is due 90 days prior departure.

how to choose?

First, you choose the region you wish to explore, then look at the size of the boat. Once you narrowed, look at the size of cabins, the only obvious criterion as each boat is different and has its own feel. The decor and ambience of the boat is also very important.

when to book?

It is essential to book well ahead of time to get the boat you want. We accept booking usually a year ahead. Look forward to welcoming you on board.

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